We are a web-based computer training school. Here you will find the perfect place to learn to use the many software programs available on your computer. At For The Love Of Software you can learn a single task, or an entire program. If you know a little bit about the computer, we will teach you a little bit more; in small increments so you can easily learn at your own pace. If you know a lot, we will increase your power usage of the computer.

  2. What will For The Love Of Software do for me?
    We'll make your life easier, your job easier and help you like your computer. We'll assist you in becoming more confident in your use of the computer. You'll even learn to speak 'computer' .. so you can communicate your needs more effectively.

  3. Will I be able to understand the classes?
    For The Love Of Software is for real people with real needs who want to learn a little or a lot more about the computer. But, perhaps, you don't wish to go back to school or don't have the time to take an on-campus class. We specialize in assisting those with a unique learning pattern. Do you learn by reading the instructions? We furnish instructions. Do you learn by seeing a demonstration? We furnish demonstrations. Do you like doing the steps, one at a time? We give you instructions in simple, single steps. Our lessons are designed for hands on learning. You won't be passively watching a long demonstration. You will be able to watch demonstration videos that last only about 1 minute each.

  4. How do I take classes?
    For The Love Of Software classes are taken online. Each class has five steps: (1) A lecture to introduce the subject, (2) complete documentation to download, (3) a step-by-step lesson to take you from the beginning to the the end of a task (including short video demonstrations), (4) evaluation of your work by a certified instructor, and (5) free tips and tricks to print out and keep close to your computer for future reference.

  5. What does it cost? Each class is $12.95.

  6. How long will the class be available to me? You will have 30 days to complete your class.

  7. When I register, what happens next? You will receive an email from us with your unique Password and Username and the LINK to the GATEWAY into the classroom area. Once you have received this email, you are on your way. Take the class at your own pace. You will be asked to email your assignment to an instructor for evaluation.

  8. When you complete the class, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a free download of the Tips and Tricks that go with the lesson you just completed. Tips and Tricks are generally one single page instructions to assist you in recalling the steps necessary to complete one specific task and are also available in our store to be purchased separately if you do not take the class.

  9. What if I need help a few months after I take the class? For any class you take, you can ask questions on that subject as often as you need. We understand that you may not remember the steps to a task and have to ask for help a dozen times before it sticks. Not to worry. We are used to being asked the same questions ovar and over. We don't make fun of you or think poorly of you. We have been there and are grateful for someone who was helpful to us.